The Wellbeing Farm
Wheatsheaf Farm, Plantation Road, Edgworth, Bolton, BL7 0BY
01204 852113

The Wellbeing Farm


If you are looking for a venue which is fun, quirky and magical where quality food is served in abundance and making your guests HAPPY is an essential criteria; then The Wellbeing Farm is perfect for you.

Whether you dream of a traditional farm wedding or something daringly different, we can deliver something very special …. Wellbeing to us means FUN, MAGICAL and HAPPINESS which is the key criteria we apply to our weddings, courses and events “Does it bring Fun, Magic and Happiness to our customer’s lives”

So if you want to experience a venue with personality based around a traditional Lancashire family farm where we bake, cook, love food and are proud to have won multiple awards for our work on sustainable living,

Welcome to The Wellbeing Farm

20 to 49
Typical careers: 
Customer service
Skill levels: 
National Vocational Qualifications
Celia Gaze
Staff perks: 


What we look for: 

A positive attitude, good appearance and strong focus on customer service.

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