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RDA Business Services Limited


RDA Business Services Limited, (RDA), was established in 2002 and has an impressive track record in management consulting, project management, business improvement and driving growth.

RDA is an ISO 9001 certified company, founded by Managing Director, Ralph D’Attorre having enjoyed a long and successful career in manufacturing and construction.

“I started out in industry as an apprentice and worked my way up pretty rapidly. During that journey I developed a deep understanding of the inner workings of a business; I saw things that worked well, and some not so well. As an employee I wasn’t always in a position to drive change from within, and that’s what is so rewarding now as a management consultant and executive growth coach – combining business theory with practical experience to help SMEs resolve difficult issues and drive their companies forward.” Ralph D’Attorre

Ralph worked his way up from the shop floor to divisional manager and now employs his considerable experience and skills to help company directors take greater control of their destiny, and realise the true potential of their business.

Through RDA, Ralph now works with a wide range of organisations on operational, sales & marketing, leadership development and team building issues and has developed a particularly strong reputation for strategic planning.

RDA delivers management consulting, executive coaching, facilitation, trouble-shooting and training, supported by government funding, to help companies prosper and grow.

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