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Debonair Languages Ltd


We have come so far…
Debonair Languages was officially launched in 2007. Since this time our development within the interpretation and translation industry has been remarkable. We now employ over 750 qualified linguists across 400 languages and dialects. We have become rare language specialists and utilise development teams to create bespoke services to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our clients.
It is our commitment to excellence and innovation, which sets us apart from our counterparts.
We endeavour to provide the highest standards of professionalism incorporated with a strong work ethic. We believe that these attributes along with the diversity and flexibility of our excellent bank of over 750 Interpreters are more than capable of dealing with the specific needs of your organisation.
Our Interpreters and translators have the written and spoken command of both the source and target languages in question including any terminology, current idioms and dialects. We understand the relevant procedures of the particular discipline in which we work in and are familiar with the cultural and religious backgrounds of both parties.
The Senior Leadership Team at Debonair Languages carry a decade of relevant experience in criminal law, legislation and interpretation in every setting and sector.
We currently provide our services to a wide range of public sector organisations including the Police, The Courts, Social services and the Health Service. We also service several private solicitors with this the Greater Manchester Area and are currently developing an Education based portfolio to rival the very best.

250 plus
Typical careers: 
Administration / clerical
Customer service
HR / Personnel
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