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Bolton Employer Pledge: 

Actiphons is unique and alternative Sports Education programme aiming to inspire the next generation to learn to read and write whilst engaging them in more physical activity. Targeting children as young as 3 years old we strive to create healthy and active lifestyle choices from an early age which will be adopted for the rest of their lives; whilst introducing them to Phases 1 to 5 Phonics in a fun, fresh and engaging way, allowing more children to PLAY, LEARN & EXERCISE.

The programme can be accessed via various options dependent of the settings specific requirements but includes: Teacher CPD, Direct Delivery, Resource Purchase and In House Training. Home Learning is also a key theme throughout the programme and various FREE SESSIONS and DOWNLOADS are available to Parents/ Carers helping assist their child/ren on their Phonics and Physical Activity Journey.

Since Summer 2015 over 10,000 children, 3,000 parents/ carers and over 1,000 practitioners have assessed the programme Nationwide and with us now taking Actiphons to one of the UKs largest Premier Fitness providers and creating it into a Children's TV show we aim to create a more Healthy and Educated Nation over the coming years.

5 to 9
Typical careers: 
Administration / clerical
Skill levels: 
Case study: 


Typical starting salary: 
Max Salary (including bonuses): 
Staff perks: 

Flexible working hours which can be on a work from home basis
Free Training Courses
Competitive Pension
Local Gym Membership plus Fitness Incentives

What we look for: 

Dedicated, energetic and motivated individuals who are inspired by making a difference to children's lives through education and physical activity.

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