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Logistics & Transport

Do you have good problem solving skills, the ability to think quickly and good numeracy skills?

From stock control to transport the logistics sector could be your ideal sector to work in.

Logistics is an exciting and growing industry, especially in Bolton home to Logistics North near the M61 Motorway where Aldi are building a new facility that will create 600 jobs in the warehouse, office and driving their delivery vehicles to supermarkets around the northwest.  Technology in the warehouse means jobs are well paid and there are lots of locations around Bolton including Wingates in Westhoughton where you could be making sure stock gets into Tesco stores around the UK.


Typical job: Large Goods Vehicle Driver

Large Goods Vehicle Driver infographic

To be a large goods vehicle driver (LGV) you will need to be over 18 and hold a full driving license. You will need to pass LGV training and gain a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You can gain this sometimes through an apprenticeship scheme. If you enjoy working by yourself and want a job which makes use of your driving skills then this could be a career for you.

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Catherine House, Lever St, Bolton BL3 6PB
01204 439900
Emblem Street, Bolton, BL3 5BW
01204 525626