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Education & Public Sector

Do you like to help others learn, work with communities or support vulnerable people?

Fancy being a fireman or working for Greater Manchester Police?  Or maybe even work in a school or nursery.

There are lots of opportunities to work in the sector in Bolton.

Bolton has its own University as well as plenty of colleges, Sixth forms, secondary schools and primary schools around Bolton offering exciting roles in teaching or office work. 

We also have opportunities to work for the likes of Great Manchester Police.
Look out for apprenticeship opportunities that might start here and give your career a boost in another sector.


Typical job: Teacher

Teachers infographic

To become a Secondary School Teacher you will need excellent communication skills and the skills to inspire and motivate your students to learn. Patience and the ability to work with individuals from a range of backgrounds is key. In this role you will help prepare young people for their life and careers after school.


Catherine House, Lever St, Bolton BL3 6PB
01204 439900
Suite A, 4th Floor Churchgate House, Churchgate, Bolton, BL1 1HL
0161 6964868
Xplode Magazine, The Bolton Hub, Bold Street, Bolton, BL1 1LS
The Bolton Hub, Bold Street, Bolton, BL1 1LS
01204 546 010
183 Melrose House, Chorley New Road, Bolton BL1 4QZ
51 Bury New Road Bolton BL2 2BN
01204 532321
Bolton Town Hall, Victoria Square, Bolton BL1 1RU